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Kumkumadi Lepam - Ayurvedic Cream for Skin


One great advantage of ayurveda in the present commercialised era is ,the easy availability of the products in the form that the current society needs them. The bunch of Ayurvedic Health care products is what we are talking about.

Kumkumadi Lepam, is a successful ayurvedic cure for pimples, acne, black spots and stretch marks. Products offering greater cure for these are overcrowding the market. But decision making might not be tough if you have turned into the direction of ayurveda. Relevance of Kumkumadi Lepam among similar Herbal or natural remedies for pimples and acne is significant. Here we discuss about this one magical skin revitalizing cream from the hidden treasures of ancient ayurveda’s modern form.

Kumkumadi Lepam – Active Natural Contents

Turmeric – Well known for its medicinal value, fine quality turmeric used in Kumakumadi Lepam ensures nourishment of your skin and offers a rejuvenated feel. Turmeric contained in Kumkumadi Lepam acts on two aspects.

  • Provides a fresh and natural glow for your skin.
  • Acts as an active care for black spots, acne and pimples. Any mild scars or stretch marks in skin can also be dealt with the turmeric content.

Saffron – Women out there are well aware of the link between saffron and their skin! The natural ‘glow’ that this red stigma offers is uncomparable with any others. Saffron revitalises your skin by shielding it from acne, pimples, dark circles and pigments.

Sandalwood – Even today, the Hindu temples in India follow their centuries old custom of applying a sandalwood mixture on their foreheads while offering prayers to their deities. The link clarifies the presence of sandalwood in Ayurveda even from early pages of histroy. The properties hidden in this natural antimicrobial agent are-

  • Cleanse the skin thus providing a natural brightness.
  • Fights germs, clear blemishes and soothens any inflammed skin surface.

Directions of Use

For pimples and acne – Acne and pimples are simply the results of a dry skin. You can apply Kumkumadi Lepam on affected areas, after washing with clean warm water. While Saffron heals and provides glow to the skin, turmeric fights germs and sandalwood soothens the same.

For scars and blemish – You might be facing difficulties due to those scars left out through ages. Apply Kumkumadi Lepam on those affected areas before you head your bed every night. Wash it off the next morning with warm water.

For dark spots, dark circles and pigments – You can apply Kumkumadi Lepam on the affected areas and for getting visible results, usage on a continuous basis is advised.

For stretch marks – Stretch marks can be a discomfort, especially after pregnancy, when being obese or even during work out sessions. Apply Kumkumadim Lepam on a regular basis which will aid in getting a uniform tone for your skin.

Buy Ayurshudhi Kumkumadi Lepam – Overview

Used for

Acne, pimples, dark circles, dark spots, stretch marks, scars, blemishes and overall skin health.


Both Male and Female


15gm Unit


RM.18 only per unit

Dual Pack (2 Units )

RM.15 only per unit !

Contact Details

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Tel – (006)-017 90 43259

Note :

  • Email or SMS KKL to 017 90 43259 for product purchase or related enquiries.
  • We will ship the product upon payment through CIMB Clicks or Maybank2u.
  • Shipping via Poslaju or Normal Post, as preferred by client. Costs to be covered by customer.


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